Travelling abroad - now your rights

You generally only need a solicitors help when your holiday  isn’t running too smoothly. So, whilst we’ve established our specialist practice to ensure your needs are met with expert professional skill and representation, we consider it just as important to put you at your ease. We are an international firm with offices all  over the world, so we can have the right legal help with you where ever you are in the world

We can help you find the way through what may seem like a maze of legal issues and take the mystery out of foreign legal terminology, which we know can be alarming when you don’t know what it means. It’s very important to us that we don’t just deal with legal issues, we deal with people. If you need to contact an Embassy we can smooth the process leading to a swift resolution to most cases

Our special areas of expertise include employment law, HR issues, discrimination, mental health and mental capacity. We’re also able to assist on education, immigration, theft and and other criminal matters.

We like to advise you from the moment we meet, what you can expect from us both in terms of service and cost. Additionally, whilst we consider it vital you are kept informed on the progress of your case, we think it’s equally important to make a quick phone call and let you know if there’s no news, so you’re not left anxious and waiting.

We’re proud of our excellent record to date and if you feel we can be of assistance to you, we hope you’ll get in touch.